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Medical & Player Welfare

posted 2 Apr 2013, 03:44 by PRO St Pats,Tullow,Carlow

Please take note of this, it is very important that everyone understands where they stand should they get injured during the year.

Medical & Player Welfare

Sports Injuries in the G.A.A.

Virtually any part of your body can be injured in Hurling or Gaelic Football which can result from accidental collisions, poor training practices, lack of conditioning or insufficient warm-up routines.

Common Types of Sports Injuries

· Muscle sprains and strains e.g. calves, hamstrings etc.

· Tears of ligaments that hold joints together e.g. cruciate

· Tears of the tendons that support joints and allow them to move e.g. bicep tendon in the arm

· Dislocated joints e.g. shoulder/ knee

· Fractured bones, including vertebrae in the spine e.g. ankle, leg or arm

G.A.A. Insurance & Injury Scheme

The Player Injury Scheme provides the club officials and relevant Insurance administrators to register teams with The Player Injury Scheme. All details are now recorded online allowing the various club officials and administrators in Croke Park to view signed up members of each club readily at the touch of a button.

Why is this Important for the player?

It records all data entered by the relevant club officials designated within each club. There is a table which lists the names and details of all paid up members. This contains information relating to your insurance cover and when the money was submitted e.g. date of payment. On payment each player will receive his/her unique PIS number. Any outstanding amounts are also recorded, the details of which are submitted to both Croke Park and The Player Injury Scheme.

Serious Injuries requiring Medical attention or Surgery

The Player Injury Scheme cover is on a calendar basis and runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31 of each year. Players seeking to make claims based on injuries suffered either in training or on the field of play must have Insurance cover on the relevant date. Injuries must be reported to club officials so that the procedure can commence. This will detail the nature of the injury sustained along with details including the date and time of the incident. In the case of a match situation the referees report will be requested detailing the nature and time of the incident.

In all cases the Exact date of the injury must be recorded and specified in relation to the incident. All details must be entered on the G.A.A. Injury Claim Form. Failure to do so will result in non payment to players for medical/dental bills and also regarding loss of wages incurred.

Further details of the Player Injury Scheme can be secured from:

John Kenny 087 7956977


Willis, Grand Mill Quay, Barrow Street Dublin 4. Ph 01 6396343

E mail:

Failure to pay Membership will result in No Insurance Cover

John Kenny
Medical & Player Welfare Officer