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Miinor St Patricks 3-7 Tinryland 2-14

posted 18 May 2016, 06:28 by PRO St Pats,Tullow,Carlow

Today you could not have asked for better playing conditions as our minor lads took on Tinryland. Was not looking great for the pats lads as they had to start the game with only 14 players. You could see in the opening ten minutes that numbers were inside the lads heads as Tinryland drove straight threw the middle. With 4 chances at goal in that time only to be denied by Man of the Match Goal keeper Brandon Moore who kept his net empty for as long as possible. Tinryland lead 0-3 to no score after 15 minutes the pats men started to realise they either had to turn up and play or spend the 45 looking at Tinryland playing. That was not going to happen today especially in Bro Leo Park. With some of the finest football seen in Bro Leo in awhile moving the ball with ease Tj Kavanagh Garrett Fitzgerald and  captain Jack Ryan showing there skill and  natural talent on the ball with The scoring 0-4 with nonresponse from the visitors. Tinryland went back on the search for goal only to be denied by super keeper Brandon Moore 3 times in a row their break game as Brandon was moving from post to post only to get caught out with a bounce of the ball and they had their goal. But their moment didn't last long as full forward Charlie found a gap in the defence (made a gap) a burried the ball in the back of the net. Half time finished up 1-5 a piece. Unfortunately our lads started the second half a lot slower than the first conceding 1-6with out any reply no scoring for 10 minutes straight probably the best ten minutes of football with both teams defence lines not wiling to be broke down. Luckily it was the pats men to do the breaking with The Kavanagh scoring a cracking goal only to follow it up with with an even better pint moments later. Captain Jack Ryan showing  his leadership and skill to drive the lads on by finding the net a few minutes later. You know your team spirit when your corner back is up the field to find a score and he did just that tadgh black kicking a fine pint. St pats were on the come back. Score line sitting at Tinryland 2-11 St pats 3-6 you wouldn't have thought that would be the score 10 minutes in to second half but our men showing great composure and drive to get them selves back with in a chance of winning. When you think they could do no more to surprise Jamie Farrell stepped up for a 30 meter free kick and slotted it right between the sticks off the ground. That work rate and effort may have been the down fall as the visitors went on the attack our men seemed tired and out our the feet trying to chase back the heat wouldn't of  help either conceding 0-3 in the last 5 minutes. Score line finishing up St pats 3-7 Tinryland 2-14 A trilling game to watch. Very proud of the 14 lads who turned up and also team manager Junior A goal keeper James Tobin for not letting the  odds that were stacked against him and his lads get in the way and giving it their all. Best for pats Brandon Moore, Conor Murphy, Eoin Brennan, Garret Fitzgerald, Jack Ryan and Tj Kavanagh.
Well done lads.
1 Brandon Moore
2 Conor Maxwell
3 Conor Murphy
4 Tadhg Black 0-1
5 Ciaran Orbinski
6 Eoin Brennan
8 Garrett Fitzgerald
9 Jack Ryan (Captain) 1-0
10 Ryan Doran
11 Tj Kavanagh 1-4
12 David Tobin
13 Jamie Farrell  0-2
14 Charlie Ward 1-0
15 Cathal Murray